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Empowering You to Approach Your
Retirement Chapter with Confidence

For over three decades, Barbara Treadwell has developed a keen understanding of financial strategies to help her clients live a life of fulfillment and preparedness for their retirement years. She’s worked with families across several generations, helping each member gain an understanding of their financial situation and the steps they need to take to secure the futures of their loved ones. From New York to Savannah, she looks forward to working with you to build a financial plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

Our goal is to build meaningful relationships and develop a partnership that is dependable. As you organize your financial picture you may find yourself asking…

  • How do I create a legacy worth leaving my loved ones?
  • Am I able to save properly for retirement?
  • What are the steps I should take now to prepare for the future?

We know that financial planning can be complex. By beginning with addressing your most pressing concerns, we can develop a strategy that is straightforward and beneficial to you. Combining a lifetime of personal and professional experience with insight, our goal is to provide well-developed recommendations to help you prepare for tomorrow, next year and beyond.

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Offering Dedication & Understanding

To Address Your Financial Circumstances

The Values Behind Our Services Set Us Apart

When working with our clients we focus on who you are, not necessarily the amount of assets you have. Our priority is developing relationships that are built to last, meaning we want you to feel confident in not only our services but our partnership

From families who are preparing for college to pre-retirees preparing for their next chapter, we will work towards creating a confident financial future for both you and your loved ones. 

When Working Together,  
You Can Look Forward to:

Through Empathy & Understanding,  
We Can Make Great Strides

You’ll find that our strategies only become solutions when we work collaboratively, and you remain receptive to our recommendations and suggestions. In order to discover the true financial and personal benefits of your plan, changes may need to take place, which is why we strive to develop trust and understanding of one another.

Our goal is to gain a real understanding of your circumstances so that we may better relate and provide education based on your interests. We strive to help you gain confidence as you plan your financial future and in doing so, we’ll ensure that you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

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Barbara Treadwell, CFP®, CLU®, REBC®, ChFC, CAP Photo

Barbara Treadwell, CFP®, CLU®, REBC®, ChFC, CAP

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Barbara Treadwell, CFP®, CLU®, REBC®, ChFC, CAP

Phone: (912) 247-8548
Email: barbara@barbaratreadwell.com

Hear What Barbara Has to Say

Prior to her 35-year career in the financial arena, Barbara Treadwell worked for 15 years in psychological services, counseling terminally ill patients and their families. Barbara saw firsthand what can happen to families who have not had sound financial advice, and it led her to a second career as a financial services professional. She is convinced that the only viable path to wealth, happiness and success is sound financial engineering.

For two decades, Barbara lived and worked in New York City helping people create, distribute and conserve wealth. She is a leading marketer of financial products, a frequent industry speaker and is published on topics ranging from estate analysis to business succession strategies. In the new millennium Barbara moved to Savannah and now divides her time between the North and South operations.

Barbara is the mother of three children and grandmother of five. She is actively involved with charitable work for individuals with special needs, as well as mentoring an inner city high school student. She is a bicyclist and time permitting loves to read, travel and be with her friends and family.

Cathie Lee Photo

Cathie Lee

Client Service Specialist
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Cathie Lee

Client Service Specialist

Phone: 912 236-1704
Email: cathie@barbaratreadwell.com

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Solutions Developed to Meet Your Needs
Today, Tomorrow and in the Future

Tailored Planning For You & Yours

Every aspect of your financial well-being creates a bigger picture that ultimately impacts the details of your life. Adjusting or removing one component could affect how the others mold together. We take a personalized approach to planning for your financial future by understanding that each piece of your financial picture holds importance.

Our Financial Planning Services Include

Insurance Planning & Risk Management Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCInsurance Planning & Risk Management

Insurance Planning & Risk Management Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCLife Insurance Premium Financing

Investment Management Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCInvestment Management

Estate Planning Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCEstate Planning

Cash Flow Evaluation Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCCash Flow Evaluation

Education Planning Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCEducation Planning

Special Needs Planning Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCSpecial Needs Planning

Retirement Planning Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCRetirement Planning

Tax Planning Strategies Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCTax Planning Strategies

Creativity Behind Our Offerings

From accumulation to distribution and conservation, we work with clients of all ages and phases of wealth in order to address what matters. There are many components involved when it comes to understanding one’s wealth and ultimately planning for a successful retirement. We’re here to ease the frustrations that may come with such planning by providing solutions that are straightforward and easy to understand.

Discover How to Get Started

Integrated Strategies to Help You
Prepare for the Unexpected

When it comes to managing your investments, there is often an art to determining which stocks, bonds and mutual funds make the most sense for you. We utilize your investment characteristics to create a strategy that aligns with your needs, goals and risk tolerance.

By focusing on what we can control, we can help you achieve returns faster than if we spent time trying to outguess the market. Because the economy is always changing, safeguarding your assets while maximizing their potential is our top priority.

Our Investment Management Services Include

Asset Allocation Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCAsset Allocation

Professional Research Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCProfessional Research

Portfolio Rebalancing Savannah, GA Barbara Treadwell, LLCPortfolio Rebalancing

Dependability Where It Counts

Investment strategies can be complex enough, which is why we know you’re looking for someone to be there for you during milestones, transitions and ever-changing market cycles. We’ll provide products and solutions that are there for your protection and will ultimately help guide you as you make confident financial decisions.

As an unbiased firm, your investments are selected with your best interest in mind. Even if we aren’t scheduled to meet, we will continuously review your progress and identify avenues that may offer new opportunities for you to invest and achieve success.

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We offer Life Insurance Premium Financing
Through Succession Capital Alliance

They provide the largest, longest running, and most respected premium financing program in the industry.

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Guiding You to Financial Freedom
And Providing Meaning to Your Wealth

Taking Steps Today to Prepare for a Successful Journey Ahead

Financial planning involves an ongoing process and the development of a relationship that lasts. This way, we can both get to know one another, giving us the opportunity to truly understand your values and what you find most important. We’ve found that people tend to group their finances separately when they want to understand their financial picture but our goal is to help you place meaning to your wealth and understand how various details impact one another.

In order to secure growth, we’ll develop a plan that addresses your needs and goals as we offer thoughtful solutions to your most complex financial questions.

Our Process Includes:

Step 1:

Establish & Define Our Relationship

We’ll spend this time getting to know each other, understanding the scope of your finances and reviewing the services we provide.

Step 2:

Gather Data

During this time, we’ll collect any relevant financial, legal, benefit and insurance information. We will also determine your personal and financial goals as well as your needs and priorities.

Step 3:

Analyze & Evaluate

Once we have the information we need to understand your current financial picture, we’ll begin designing a plan that’s unique to your needs and goals.

Step 4:

Develop & Present Recommendations

Before we put our strategies in motion, we will provide an explanation for the plan details, ensuring that you understand what’s involved.

Step 5:

Implement Your Plan

Once you are comfortable with the strategies we’ve created, we will begin putting your plan into action.

Step 6:

Ongoing Monitor & Review

Over time, we will continually monitor your plan to ensure your finances remain on track. As we review it’s progress, we’ll make changes and re-strategize as needed.

Interested in Learning More?

We offer a complimentary consultation to new clients that have questions and concerns about their financial circumstances. See for yourself if we may be a good fit and how our strategies may align with your financial well-being.

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With clients across the United States, we look forward to working with you in person, over the phone or virtually. Our dedication is based on a commitment to get to know you and create a tailored path to success. Get started today by giving us a call or filling out the form below.